CEUSTERS was founded in early 2013 to optimise the existing company structure. This involves a merger of sister companies Immobiliën Hugo Ceusters NV and Shopping Center Management Services NV (SCMS) in order to guarantee optimal cooperation and information flow. In 2017, Devimo Consult, a member of the sector, was purchased. At group level, CEUSTERS employs approximately 100 people and generated gross sales of over 18 million euros in 2020.

CEUSTERS is a family-owned company whose independence is ensured. CEUSTERS works through three separate departments:

- AGENCY & CONSULTANCY with the business units Offices, Retail and Industry & Logistics;

- PROPERTY MANAGEMENT specialising in portfolio management, facility management, project management, shopping centre management, VME's en due diligence management.


The head office of CEUSTERS is located in Antwerp. In addition, CEUSTERS also has offices in Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Rotterdam and operates throughout Belgium from six additional branches.